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Welcome to Career Kickstart

As a major international bank, it’s our responsibility to provide employment and educate the next generation of talent. Not just because it makes our bank and the economy stronger, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Career Kickstart is split into four main sections...

Exploring Skills

Helping students learn what employability skills are, what they have already and how they develop others

This section of the site offers resources to help young people identify their skills and start growing them. Aimed predominantly at younger students, all the materials here – from lesson plans to advice articles – are designed to introduce the concept of employability skills and explain their importance.

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Exploring Options

Helping students explore their post-school options

Once students are familiar with the concept of skills, they need to be encouraged to develop them. This section focuses on growing identified abilities as well as starting to look ahead to life beyond school. Advice, guidance and lesson plans here begin to discuss options like getting a job or pursuing further education, on top of ongoing personal development.

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Next Steps

Guiding students into the world of work, step-by-step

The resources in this section are aimed at helping older students achieve the goals they’ve settled on, such as applying to university. However, because university isn’t right for everyone we also include materials to help young people exploring alternative routes like apprenticeships, gap years and entering straight into the world of work.

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Educator resources

A one-stop shop of interactive lessons, worksheets and exercises on Careers. Developed with teachers, for teachers.

The Educator Zone is aimed at teachers, practitioners, tutors and careers advisers. Offering scalable lesson plans that can be annotated and saved, it provides an accessible suite of materials designed to be easily incorporated into the curriculum. Downloadable worksheets, class discussions and group exercises also make for a rounded learning experience. And regular updates on all the latest education and early careers news make the Zone a truly comprehensive resource for teaching professionals. You can find out more about how the resources relate to your curriculum at the bottom of this page.

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Find out more about how the lessons have been developed in line with curriculum requirements and in conjunction with teachers.

  • Overview

    Career Kickstart provides a comprehensive range of career related modules to introduce young people to the world of work by developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding. The content is designed to be flexible to fit with existing programmes of work in Careers and Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE). It helps support young people in making successful choices and managing their transitions through learning and into employment.

    The programme consists of six distinct modules, each includes film, lesson plans and interactive whiteboard activities; creating opportunities for reflection and also includes independent research activities and homework ideas. The film clips help to illustrate how individuals have progressed in their careers, emphasising any changes in direction and overcoming barriers towards success; ‘Talking Points’ are utilised for further observation and understanding.  

    The Career Kickstart modules are aimed at 11-18 years olds depending on their individual stage of employability development. They are designed for teaching staff, practitioners, parents or careers staff to deliver for large or small groups of students and can be used in isolation or together as formal programme of development. 

  • Why is it needed?

    Good quality Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) supports young people’s personal development, achievement and career progression. It helps students to make successful transitions through learning and into work. There is strong evidence that young people who receive good quality CEIAG achieve more and are less likely to drop out or change courses than those who do not. Young people say they want and need more help when making lifestyle decisions and choices about their next and future steps (Ofsted, September 2013).

    It is essential to help students to make well informed and realistic educational and employment decisions and to minimise the potential costs associated with uninformed and unsuccessful choices.  High quality CEIAG helps to increase the number of young people entering the labour market and encourages young people’s aspirations’.

  • England

    Schools have a statutory duty to secure independent careers guidance (Education Act, DfE, 2011) for students in Years 9 to 11: 

    • Careers guidance is defined as ‘impartial’ and should include options in 16 to 18 learning and should be in the best interests of the pupils
    • ‘Independent’ is defined as provided by persons other than those employed at / by the school
    • An extended duty down to year 8 and up to year 13 came in to effect from September 2013.

    From September 2013, this duty extended to Year 8 and up to years 12 and 13 in schools and colleges. The Careers Guidance Action Plan published by the Department for Education (DfE, 10th September 2013) provides schools with a clear structure to enable them to deliver quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. In September 2013 the Department for Education saw publication of a new national curriculum for England that is due to take effect in September 2014.

    RBS Career Kickstart resources take account of these developments. In addition, this programme, delivered in conjunction with the Future Ready materials helps to contribute to the delivery of Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE).  

    Mapped against the PSHE Curriculum, the Career Kickstart materials reflect the following themes: 

    Core Theme 1: Health and Well Being

    • How to manage transition 
    • How to identify and access help, advice and support. 

    Core Theme 2: Relationships 

    • How to respect equality and be a productive member of a diverse community 
    • How to identify and access appropriate advice and support. 

    Core Theme 3: Living in the wider world: economic wellbeing, careers and the world of work 

    • About rights and responsibilities as members of diverse communities, as active citizens and participants in the local and national economy 
    • How to make informed choices and be enterprising and ambitious 
    • How to develop employability, team working and leadership skills and develop flexibility and resilience 
    • About the economic and business environment 
    • How personal financial choices can affect oneself and others and about rights and responsibilities as consumers. 
  • Scotland

    The Scottish Government’s ambition is that: 

    • All young people develop their skills as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. (National Indicator 4).
    • Increase the number of school leavers (from Scottish publically funded schools) into positive and sustained destinations (FE, HE, Employment or Training).  (National Indicator 7).

    Careers Guidance Services are provided by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) who have a key role in supporting people, particularly young people to meet their potential through the development of skills to help them progress into sustainable employment. SDS have identified 4 strategic goals in their Corporate Development Plan 2012 -2015, these are: 

    • Enable people to meet their potential 
    • Make skills work for employers 
    • Work together to improve the skills and learning system
    • Achieve organisational excellence.

    For more information visit Skills Development Scotland
    Students can visit Careers Scotland

  • Wales

    Careers Wales supports schools with their delivery of Careers and World of Work curriculum programmes.  Students are able to access a range of support services via Career Wales.

    Career Kickstart also takes account of the delivery of the PSE Curriculum in Wales and the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning for secondary schools (Secondary SEAL) which provides a whole-school approach to promoting social and emotional skills. 

    This includes: 

    • Helping to prepare students for the choices and opportunities for life long learning
    • Preparing students for challenges, choices and responsibilities of employment and adult life.
  • Northern Ireland

    Careers Service NI, part of the Department for Employment and Learning provides guidance services to schools.  Students can access information and advice on NI Direct.

    Career Kickstart links with the curriculum area for Learning for Life and Work, including Employability and Personal Development. This includes taking account of Northern Ireland’s Curriculum, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities in the following areas: 

    • Managing Information
    • Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Work with Others 
    • Self Management

    The programme also provides opportunities for developing the key skills of Communication and Using ICT.

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