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Study what you love at university

There’s plenty of reasons to consider going to university. A degree can improve your career prospects and employability.

The time spent at university gives you chance to really explore your chosen subject and decide what you want to pursue as a career.

Plus, you’ll meet new people, get a lot more confident and independent, and get to study what you love.

Choose from over 50,000 courses and 25 different disciplines

Wide variety of choice

Wide variety of choice

With such a wide variety of choice, you can choose to study something you already know you love, or something you’ve always wondered about. Whatever you choose you can be sure that going to university will bring you new friends, new skills and new experiences.

Be more attractive to employers

Be more attractive to employers

Getting a degree doesn’t just increase your knowledge, it increases your chances of getting a great job. A degree will help open more doors for you, plus you’ll earn than non-graduates.

And it’s not just in the UK that a degree has significance. They’re equally recognised and respected all around the world.



Gain more confidence

Gain more confidence

University life will help you gain more confidence, and in no time you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet, developing your personality and values and improving your communication, problem-solving, time management, and team working.

Find out more

To help you with your decisions, we caught up with some of our graduates, to learn about how they made their first career choices. They tell us what they wished they’d known at the time, and share some great insight and advice. See what you can learn from their experience.

Most people who want to study an undergraduate degree in the UK will have to apply through UCAS. UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. They have step-by-step guides to filling in your application and services to support young people making post-16 choices.

Visit the UCAS website